An assumption is something that is accepted to be true.  We use assumptions all the time.  For example, we assume gravity will pull something back to Earth.  Many of the things we assume are not true and we do not always agree on the assumption.  When we have arguments (I use argument to mean an exchange of opposing views, not an heated emotional debate) it is important that the topic of discussion is debated, and not the underlying assumptions.  For example, if we argue that one type of fruit is more nutritious than another, then we best first understand how we are measuring “nutrition”.  If you and I disagree about what nutrition is or how to measure it, well then what is the point in discussing attributes of the fruit.

So in an effort to keep comments and discussions on topic, I will keep this growing list of assumptions.  This way, if there is enough disagreement about an assumption, then we can discuss it, correct it and move on.  This allows us to solve problems instead of just spin in circles…unless of course spinning in circles solves the problem.  Let’s hope not.

It is not that you must agree with these assumptions, but that you understand them.  The reason is that as I write about this edge-idea, you will likely disagree to some extent, and that is GREAT!   If anyone urges you to do without thinking, walk.  So, if I write something you disagree with, please first make sure that the argument is not with the assumption, but rather with the idea itself.  If we can identify the problems with the idea, then we can attempt to solve those problems.  This will be a growing list but should be always as simple as possible.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know. is for the people.  As soon as there is a way for me to hand it over, I will gladly comply.

Our assumptions:

  1. We want to leave this place better than when we came into it

  2. The world is not getting better quick enough

  3. Too much power is concentrated in small groups and individuals

  4. Data is a valuable resource

  5. Corporations are profit motivated

  6. Capitalism can work for the people

This is a living list of assumptions.  If it is not obvious yet, this is a place you should feel comfortable sharing your ideas.  My point is that we need to figure out how to best communicate.  This is my first effort at setting a protocol.  It’s not about rules, it’s about efficiency.  We will grow this idea together.  I will begin the conversation with my next post.  It may also be a good idea to expand on these assumptions as a matter of explanation.  Perhaps each will get its own post with a link to it.