Capitalism can work for the people

We are headed down a path toward complete automation.  I have not met a person who disagrees that if we stay on our current path, at some point in the future, be it 5 or 500 years, we will automate the creation and distribution of our basic needs.  If we keep our course, corporations will control all aspects of the automation.  That would put people in the position of not being able to provide enough value to create an exchange with these corporations for the necessities of life.  Instead of pondering the future of our current path, I am suggesting that we take an alternate path.  This new path is the path of the people.  We do not always need to agree, but we can agree that we can do it better than “they” can.  When “they” are doing something better, it means they are increasing their profit.  Increasing profit means either cutting costs or increasing prices.  Usually these things have the negative consequence of laying off a workforce or gouging the customer for more money.  While those two examples may be extremes, the idea is that their best interest is only your best interest if your best interest is to help them maximize their profits.

Companies like Facebook have one thing that creates their value.  Your data.  It’s a scam.  They take YOUR data, and allow you to share it with your friends, along with their ads.  They not only legally steal your data, but they also legally steal your time (your attention).  In return they pay the storage costs (negligible) for your data.  The reason these companies are worth billions of dollars is only because of your intention to return to them.  If you exhibited your intent to leave them, then they would take a hit.  If you collectively stop giving them your data, they will cease to exist.

Data ownership is getting closer to the source, to the creator.  The person who creates content should receive the most value from the use of that content.  The creator should be able to properly manage what value means to them and have access to tools which can be used to derive value from their data.  Data includes past, present and future data.  Present data is access to a person’s real time attention.  Anything that does not divert their attention is past recorded data or future data that does not exist.  Future data can be a scheduled event, the promise of future data, etc.  Making capitalism work for the people starts by allowing people to control their data.

The idea of taking control of our data is just part of the purpose of  Taking control of our data will lead to taking control of our purchasing and distribution of physical goods.  This will get us closer and closer to the source.  The closer to the source, the more efficient the transaction should be.  Technology is making this possible.  From physical goods to raw resources.  People need to collectively control our resources.  We should not give up this control to the few who continue to let us down.  Let’s just head down this other path and see what happens.  It’s their game, let’s beat them at it…let’s break it.